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Annika Connor.jpg
Annika Connor
#54  Local Board
#175  Convention Delegate:  

I am one of the nearly 12,000 SAGAFTRA actors kicked off my health insurance at the height of the Pandemic.  Pleading my case, I wrote to the Board of Trustees many times.  The fact I was on disability and in need of additional surgeries to recover was of no concern to those responsible for mismanaging the Fund’s money.  This made me mad and motivated me to fight for change.  I have been a union member since 2007 working as an actor, stand-in, background, and in voiceover.  I believe a more perfect union is possible.  I will work to protect all members, especially the sick or injured.  I’m an idealist and stand with IDEAL NY.

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IDEAL NY 2021: Not paid for with SAG-AFTRA funds

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