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Marissa Pepple.jpg
Marissa Pepple
#128  Convention Delegate 
Hello. My name is Marissa Pepple and I’m running for SAG-AFTRA Convention Delegate.  I’ve been a member of SAG-AFTRA for 16 years. I have volunteered for the foundation and other numerous events throughout the years. This year our industry was hit hard by the pandemic. I lost both of my jobs. I and many others were kicked of their health insurance. I want performers to know that healthcare is a right not a privilege. I will fight hard to change this. I never want this to happen again to anyone.

Another thing I would like to change is diversity. I’m a feminist and believe we can do more and be more for women in 2021. While we have made some great strides, I hope to help change the landscape so more women don’t feel marginalized. I’m ready to take on this challenge!

IDEAL NY 2021: Not paid for with SAG-AFTRA funds

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